Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pictures of the garden

Mr. and Mrs. Grosbeak dining al fresco

Check out the new bird feeder. It's billed as being squirrel-proof, and so far it is. I wonder how it'll work in colder weather, when the beasties get desperate. They'll probably just unmount it and drag it into the woods like they've done with all the others I've tried. But as you can see, the birds love it! This was a surprise gift from my friends Anthony and Nadya. Thank you! (Sorry for the blurry picture, that's the best my non-telephoto lens will do without getting so close and scaring away the diners.)

My retreat

I love my pond garden. It's a relaxing spot on warm summer days. I like to sit in my nearby Adirondack chair, under a big market umbrella, and listen to the water. Just out of view is a patch of Bee Balm, which frequently attracts hummingbirds. Sorry, I couldn't get pictures of them--they don't stay still for long.

The only rose I haven't killed

I'm a serial rose killer. Just can't seem to keep them alive. But this little guy was the kind you buy in a 4-inch pot in the grocery store, planning to enjoy it in the house, and then consign it to compost. It wouldn't die, so I planted it, and look how well it's doing! Smells wonderful, too, but you have to bend over because the whole plant's only 8 inches tall.

My little helper in the garden

This is Stewart aka Boogernose. And in the garden he's known as Crusher. He sunbathes (in the nude) and in the process crushes everything in his path: parsley, thyme, painted daisies, petunias. Here he is in his fort under the deck stairs, taking a break from the sun and wallowing in the dirt.


Lionel Messi said...


Thank you

The subject of more than wonderful

Joe said...

In case you're wondering why Stewie is so sad, he's not. He's just sulking because he doesn't like to have his picture taken. Shortly after this picture, with me kneeling a few feet from his face, he charged, almost knocking me over. Bulldogs have a very developed sense of humor, weigh about sixty pounds, and have a head like a bowling ball.

Joanne said...

Hi Joe Love your photos especially the one of your retreat. I also have a helper who enjoys lying down in places I'd rather she didn't.

Joe said...

Hi Joanne:

Thanks for the comment! Yes, I've seen pictures of your dog. She looks like a terror :) I especially like the ones where she's got a mouthful of peas.

I don't grow peas, so I have to get them from the farm to feed them to the dog. He loves 'em.