Saturday, July 18, 2009

More garden photos

I took pictures of more than just the pond yesterday. Everything is blooming. Here's a bunch from the same general area.

I learned something cool today. I use Firefox 3 as my browser. I noticed that the colors of these pictures were washed out compared to iPhoto and Safari. It's a simple setting change in Firefox to fix this and see the colors that I see in the garden.

In Firefox 3's address box type 'about:config'. There will be a warning that you 'OK' through. Scroll down to the entry labeled 'gfx.color_management.enabled'. Click on it to set it to 'true'. I think you need to restart Firefox after this.


No wonder I can't grow parsley

Looking sulky after I shooed him off the plants (but now he's sitting on another)

Butterflies love the coneflowers

Daisies and coneflowers

Sweat bee on heavenly scented cream lily

Sundrop and magenta snapdragon

Bee Balm attracts hummingbirds (and bees)

Shasta Daisies in morning sun

This lily was split from one I showed yesterday. Doing well!


Joanne said...

Lovely photos the advice I will ponder I am struggling with IT at present and although I have managed to take a video with my new camera can not get Blogger to download.
We have a similar problem with our Springer spaniel she loves to lie on the plants the more precious the better.