Sunday, June 7, 2009

Definitely getting better

Whoops, it's been a full month since the last entry. Time flies, sometimes. I'm still on plaquenil, biaxin, and tetracycline, and I feel pretty darn good. Oh, I still have issues, often daily. But they're less severe, less frequent, and fade more quickly than say, six months ago.

I saw my LLMD the other day. He's a funny guy. Extremely dry sense of humor. I think. After hearing how the past month went, he said, "I don't want to sound optimistic, but we may have turned a corner. A tiny corner." Hey, let's not get carried away.

The way I feel may be temporary, and doesn't change the treatment protocol. I'll be on this drug regimen for at least five more weeks, and probably six more after that. Beyond that, I don't have a clue.

CT Bill 6200 passed into law. Doctors are now protected from censure by the Connecticut Medical Board and the Connecticut Department of Public Health for prescribing long-term antibiotics for the treatment of clinically diagnosed Lyme disease. This is great news. I wonder if all the potential loopholes are plugged. For instance, will insurance companies now pressure for censure for long-term use of Plaquenil, or Diflucan? Neither of these are antibiotics, but have proven effective against Lyme. Of course, if this happens, it'll be a giveaway that it was always about cash and not about supposed irresponsible medical practices.

I'm keeping out of trouble these days by writing. I've signed up for a writing course that I can take from home, at my own pace. Perfect for a sometimes on, sometimes off Lyme patient that has trouble going out in public most of the time. Maybe if I learn something, I can improve the quality of this blog. Wouldn't that be nice?


Renee said...

I read your blog quite often keeping updated on your lyme treatment. Glad to hear you are seeing improvement. Every little bit helps..and it is encouraging for someone like me who is having a difficult time of it.

Joe said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks for reading, and for the kind words. Improvement comes so slowly. I find I can only compare to half-a-year ago. I was on antibiotics for seven months before seeing any improvement. Hang in there.

I read you blog, and about your plans for herbal treatment. I had problems with the Buhner protocol. It messed up my organs. Tread carefully.


Naomi said...

Hi Joe:

Glad to read you are doing better! (I'd say I'm doing a little better myself. I've been away from the blogs for awhile, too. Like you I'm trying to focus on other writing.)

Stay tough!


Joanne said...

Hi Joe good to hear you are improving albeit up and down. the downs get less and the ups get higher so fingers crossed.

It was nice of you to pop by my blog Joanne's Cottage Garden. Apart from enjoying blogging about my garden now I can garden againI have really enjoyed meeting so many other garden bloggers and am hoping to raise awareness through the blog into Lyme Disease.
Best wishes withyour recovery