Sunday, June 7, 2009

Definitely getting better

Whoops, it's been a full month since the last entry. Time flies, sometimes. I'm still on plaquenil, biaxin, and tetracycline, and I feel pretty darn good. Oh, I still have issues, often daily. But they're less severe, less frequent, and fade more quickly than say, six months ago.

I saw my LLMD the other day. He's a funny guy. Extremely dry sense of humor. I think. After hearing how the past month went, he said, "I don't want to sound optimistic, but we may have turned a corner. A tiny corner." Hey, let's not get carried away.

The way I feel may be temporary, and doesn't change the treatment protocol. I'll be on this drug regimen for at least five more weeks, and probably six more after that. Beyond that, I don't have a clue.

CT Bill 6200 passed into law. Doctors are now protected from censure by the Connecticut Medical Board and the Connecticut Department of Public Health for prescribing long-term antibiotics for the treatment of clinically diagnosed Lyme disease. This is great news. I wonder if all the potential loopholes are plugged. For instance, will insurance companies now pressure for censure for long-term use of Plaquenil, or Diflucan? Neither of these are antibiotics, but have proven effective against Lyme. Of course, if this happens, it'll be a giveaway that it was always about cash and not about supposed irresponsible medical practices.

I'm keeping out of trouble these days by writing. I've signed up for a writing course that I can take from home, at my own pace. Perfect for a sometimes on, sometimes off Lyme patient that has trouble going out in public most of the time. Maybe if I learn something, I can improve the quality of this blog. Wouldn't that be nice?