Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A quick update

Well, I'm now a poster child for the Buhner Protocol, and not in a good way. My liver stats are looking quite wonderful these days - it took over a month-and-a-half for the spike caused by the Buhner herbs (one or more of knotweed, andrographis, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, eleuthero) used at full dose to get back in the normal range. I do believe it was the herbs, as the timing coincided perfectly, both on the upswing, and then the recovery.

Because of the happy liver I was able to complete a 30 day course of Diflucan. I didn't get as much of an obvious flare up as I expected. On the fifth day I felt it pretty strong - neuro and fatigue - but it passed. Through the month, I alternated between many good, and some VERY good days, and some not too good. The not goods' were fatigue lurking if I tried to do too much, then WHAM. And same old issues with smells, blurry vision. I'd say not as irritable as usual (my wife may not agree :).

And no crying, thank goodness. I think it's the tetracycline that does that. Reminds me of that scene from the movie Bedazzled (the 2000 remake with Brendan Fraser) where he's the sensitive guy on the beach, and every time he looks at the sunset he breaks into tears because it's so beautiful. He ends up choking out through the tears "Aw, when is that darn thing gonna set!?" Well, that's me on tetracycline :)

I am on a ten day break, and then I start something new. A month of Ceftin and Biaxin. I imagine eventually I'll return to tetracycline, and perhaps even Mepron, but for now I think my doc is exploring how I'll react to something new. There are a lot of potentially useful combinations that I've never been exposed to.

Perhaps the diflucan was doing quite a bit. 24 hours after I stopped I began a day and a half of pretty nasty neuro stuff - the anxiety, insomnia, sensitivity to smells, blurred vision. It hasn't been that bad in a month or more. Interesting... Fortunately it's gone for now, and I feel pretty "normal".


Naomi said...

Hi Joe-- Glad to read how well you are doing! I was worried about you there with the liver issues. You were pretty smart to figure it out and get off the herbs. --Naomi