Sunday, January 25, 2009

Under Our Skin

Time for a quick update. My liver readings are back in range - AST: mid 30s, ALT: mid 80s - so I'm able to resume medication. I started diflucan a little over a week ago. This is a one-month course, without tetracycline this time. So, if there are any organ problems, it'll be easy to tell who the culprit is. I'm still only taking milk thistle and NAC for liver function, and staying off the Buhner herbs completely.

I've had a couple of symptom flare-ups since I started the diflucan, but not the severity I was expecting. Good (I'm getting better)? Or bad (drugs not working)? Who knows. Probably neither, as I still have a low-level of all the usual problems. Especially sensitivity to odors. It seems like I'm "not right" unless I'm either breathing fresh air from outdoors, or in my bedroom with the heavy duty air purifier running. And it's too cold here in Connecticut to stay outside for too long...

I saw the documentary Under Our Skin yesterday at our local library. Very good! It should help those who are close to a lyme sufferer to understand a bit better. And for those recently infected, and getting their short course of abx from their GP... well, this will scare the heck out of them. Even though I expected it, the movie had quite an emotional impact on me.