Thursday, December 11, 2008


I could open an herbal pharmacy

I've stopped trying to fill pill boxes a week in advance. There's just too many pills. Instead I fill three of these little glass bowls each morning. There's currently about 26 pills in each (though a few stay in the refrigerator until needed). The 78 pills altogether, along with the eleuthero tincture (above center), and the flax meal (above rear), and the lemons juiced into water, comprise one day's supplements. This doesn't include any actual medication from my LLMD.

Just thought it might be interesting to some folks.


Naomi said...

Ha! Just reading this now and I'm about to do my own post on supplements. I know what you're going through. --Naomi

Joe said...

Hi Naomi,
Well, this is out of date already, as I've had to cut back drastically due to the ongoing liver issues. I'm composing a post about that now.

Interested in some hardly used herbs, cheap? :)