Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still waitin' on the liver

A week has passed, another blood test, and the liver enzymes have come down a little, but are still very high. And so we wait. No more meds yet. Appointment with the LLMD in a couple weeks. Hopefully by then things will have returned to safe operating levels.

I added milk thistle, dandelion root, and n-acetyl cysteine to my diet, and drank extra water, and juiced a lemon each day over the past week. I plan to continue this, even after the liver enzymes come down, as the readings have never been optimal during this whole lyme experience.

The first couple of days off the meds were pretty nasty, but the past five days have been almost completely symptom free. That's an amazing run. Oh, I still have the ear ringing (will that ever go away?), and I haven't done a whole lot, but I have energy, my thoughts are positive, I don't need the reading glasses, very few aches and pains. I feel smarter, and more adaptive. I'm still challenged by noisy environments, and chemicals (like perfume and deodorant for instance). If this keeps up, I may start to forget that I have lyme!

Oh, for anyone keeping score at home, I didn't increase my Buhner protocol dosages this week. I kept it at the 4/5ths level of last week. With the liver herbs, it's 26 pills 3 times daily. I don't feel like making it 4 times daily. Just too much on the stomach, and I've been having some digestive / bowel issues that I suspect are related to all these herbs. But hey, that's why the dosage is ramped up slowly! If I never go past this dosage level, I'll be fine. If things settle down a bit, I may try to go to the full dose at some point, but not for now.

I still only take a small portion of the eleuthero, compared to Buhner's recommendation. Otherwise, too jittery.

It's supposed to be sleety rain all day tomorrow, but I may try to go for a short hike. Yep, exercise. Everyone else is doin' it :) And besides, feeling this good is boring just hanging around the house.

I had to laugh last night. We watch the TV show House, about a doctor who specializes in diagnosing mysterious illnesses. Many times over the past year it's been very odd. If I'm having an MRI that week, the patient almost dies in one on TV. If I'm having a spinal tap, the poor TV patient needs one every few hours. If I'm having a colonoscopy, the patient also needs one, but in their case, for some reason, they can't have a sedative, so I see their legs twitching with the pain. If my brain is acting up, they find very creative ways to showcase various brain disorders.

So, last night, as the show started, I had just got my liver readings back from the doctor a few hours earlier, and I looked at my wife and said "the show will be about someone with liver problems, you wait and see."

Ten seconds into the show, the early diagnosis is "patient has liver failure". Unbelievable. And hilarious. It really is odd how many times it's matched up.