Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Misbehaving organs

This course of tetracycline and diflucan has been very rocky, and it looks like it just hit a dead end.

A couple of weeks ago I had to stop treatment due to kidney problems. A week later the kidneys had cleared up, and I was able to start again. I had a couple of days of bad herx, that felt to me like diflucan-caused. Everything flaring at once - physical, cognitive, emotional. But then things settled down to just fatigue mostly, with a bit of other neuro stuff tossed in occasionally.

However, this week's blood test now shows that, while the kidneys are still OK, the liver function has spiked much higher than ever before. 300-something. Wow. So I'm stopping the tetracycline and diflucan again, hoping the liver will return to it's normal half-sucky condition by next week. Regardless of if it takes a week or a few weeks, it looks like I get no more treatment until this clears up a bit.

Dr. Phillips doesn't think any of the Buhner Protocol that I'm taking is responsible, and I did a bit of googling on my own and don't find any potential problems here. In fact, Andrographis and Sarsaparilla are known to help the liver.

Dr. P. also suggested I start taking Milk Thistle herb, and N-Acetyl Cysteine for liver support. I got these at a health store today, and started taking them. I'm considering adding Dandelion Root as well, as it's a good liver tonic.


Chronic Triathlete said...

Sorry to hear about your organ issues. While mine are functioning within operational specifications (barely) I drink a hell of a lot of water everyday to help them do their thing. I down 4-5 24oz bottles of filtered H2O everyday (we have a Britta jug that I filter tap water with). Additionally, I juice half a lemon into each bottle. Fresh lemon juice is supposed to be a detox helper.

Hope that helps.

Joe said...

Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for the lemon idea. I do drink pretty much distilled, bottled water, but not enough. I weigh 230, so compared to you I should probably be drinking 160 oz! It feels like an accomplishment if I can consume 100.

Interesting about the lemon. For months now I seem to be craving it. I don't realize it until I see a lemon, or cut one for something else, and then it just looks uncommonly desirable. I guess my body's been trying to tell me something, huh.

Do you have a clear understanding of why your organ function isn't wonderful? I'm confused as to whether it's just the lyme, the diflucan, the abx, or what.


Naomi Adams said...

Hi Joe:

I am on diflucan right now, too. (What a coincidence!) Since I started it my naturopath, who specializes in Lyme and learned from Dr. Klinghardt, has me on a high dose of Livit 1 and Livit 2. These are ayurvedic herbs by Ayush Herbs specifically for liver support. You might want to try them.

I'm also big on lemon. I found its cheaper to buy a bottle of organic lemon juice at my co-op than to buy the lemons themselves. Also a little extra high quality vitamin C (even if you don't do the C flush or the salt/c protocol) can help detox and support all your organs and tissues.

My understanding is the abx tax your liver, as does the spirochete die-off.

In general, looking for herbs and vitamins for support will do the trick. I am on tons of supplements, so many it sometimes seems crazy, but I've never had problems with kidney or liver and even my blood cell count is good. I also drink over a gallon of filtered water a day.

Hope any of this helps! Stay strong,


Chronic Triathlete said...

Naomi... I read (somewhere on the Internet so it must be true) that only fresh lemon juice us effective as a detox agent. The little bottles they sell at the store are said to be missing the important whatever-it-is that works as a detox agent.

Probably best to ask someone who would know better, but that's the direction I've been following. I go through about 15-20 lemons a week! I should just buy a grove in Florida at this rate.