Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feeling better

Liver enzymes AST (blue), ALT (red). Normal for each is around 40-50. Yellow marks start and stop of Buhner herbs.

See the yellow markers on the chart. They mark the start and abrupt stop of the Buhner herbs. Or do they mark the start, and peak of the liver problems? Right. Same thing. Even though everyone, even my LLMD, doesn't think the Buhner herbs are a likely culprit, it sure darn looks like it to me.

I've been feeling pretty good the past few days. I've had enough energy to walk the dog, even in snow, and to give him a bath. I even shoveled a little snow today. Some aches and occasional fatigue, but the neuro issues are quiet for a change.

The chart shows just how much my liver enzymes got out of whack, and when. As you can see, they're improving greatly. I'm getting my blood tested a couple times per week now, so I'll have more data soon.

The AST (blue) is back where it should be - around 40. The ALT is still high, at 185, but it's down a lot from the high of 549 the week before Christmas. In a healthy person, it should be below 40, but mine has been between 80 and 110 since last summer, and was 65 in spring of 2007. That's before I got bit, but we're still not ruling out that I've had an earlier case of lyme that was less symptomatic.

So, hopefully the trend will continue. I'm still only taking the minimum of supplements. And no toxins. Which means zero alcohol. I don't drink very much - I enjoy 1/2 of a tiny juice glass of red wine in the evening (about 2 oz.), and the occasional Mai Tai. But not these days. Oh well, pretty soon I can get drunk on a regular basis again. Kidding.

Well, it's nice and quiet around here - we got 6 inches of snow today. We usually go to a nice Chinese restaurant on New Year's Eve, but this year we just did take out last night. My wife isn't feeling well (head cold), so we're just hanging out at home tonight. Nice fire in the fireplace, twinkling Christmas tree, and Wall-E on DVD.

I can't say I'm sad to see the backside of 2008. It would have been a difficult year even if I was healthy. Here's to 2009!


Jaclynmamer said...

Any idea which specific supplements may have been the culprits?

Joe said...

Sorry, no. I dumped the whole protocol and never looked back.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Lee Cowden Protocol? If you do, just leave out the Samento (it's a version of Cat's Claw)

The Serendipity Shaman said...

How is your health these days? What have you use that is or has worked?