Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tracking medications

I started on my new course of medication today: tetracycline (750mg twice a day) and diflucan (100mg twice a day). This continues for the next 30 days.

Tetracycline, aside from messing up my stomach, also tests my limited brain function: don't eat anything two hours prior, or for 20 minutes after, and no dairy for two hours after. Actually, the directions really say to not eat anything for an hour or two after, but my doctor said it's OK to eat in 20 minutes, as long as it's not dairy. Some food helps the fairly constant low-level stomach ache that tetracycline produces.

The diflucan should be taken with food, so not with the tetracycline. And I take certain supplements, many of which have some calcium or magnesium in them. So these have to adhere to the widest tetracycline boundary. And then the probiotic, which can't be taken anywhere near the antibiotic or the probiotic gets killed. Then there's the herbal protocol I'm starting...
My dose tracking sheet (this is one day)
click to enlarge

So, I built this little spreadsheet, printed a copy for each day, and pasted it inside the cupboard where the non-refrigerated meds and supplements live. It may seem trivial, but I love being able to just look up what happens next, instead of trying to remember. I set this all up on one of my better days recently, kind of battening down the hatches for the coming herx storm.