Monday, October 27, 2008

Treatment update

I wish I had some freesia in the house
I visited my LLMD today. We had a nice chat about my progress (which so far ain't much), and he looked at my (really neat) symptom chart. He is choosing for now to interpret my liver function trend as positive. The readings are high, but coming down.

Looking over my history, he's also pleased that I've not actually been on that many different drugs - just doxy, amoxicillin (useless), Rocephin, tetracycline, zithromycin, and mepron. Hmmm, listing those out, it sure seems like a lot, but he's pleased because he still has a lot of things he can try on me, either to pulse, or in case we run into a dead end, or if I have a bad reaction to a particular drug.

We had a laugh when he was describing his pulse methodology - hit the lyme for a while, then take a break, and repeat. I said, "sounds like Whack-a-mole to me." You know, that carnival game? Sad thing is, I don't think I've ever beat that darn game.

I'm all done with the zithromax, and tonight is the last dose of Mepron. After that, I get a 10 day treatment holiday (yay?) Then I go back on tetracycline 1500mg/day, this time for a month. Along with the tetracycline, we're adding in diflucan (100mg/day I think). I've not taken this before. It's usually categorized as an anti-fungal, but has shown promise in killing Lyme.

The herx pattern should be "interesting". I'm told the diflucan goes right to the brain, and peaks hard around four days into the treatment. And then probably the tetracycline will peak in weeks two and three, if like last time.

After that, ten more days off drugs, and then back to see the doc in mid-December. He wants to evaluate me next after I've had a treatment break.

Dr. P. gave a little insight into his view of my overall situation. He thinks my condition is "guarded", and that I'll likely need treatment for a year. He DOESN'T say I'll get better. I'm not sure if he's just being cautious, or if I'm one of his worser cases, or what. I'll just keep plugging away. I made sure he understood not to worry about how bad I feel on the various treatments - I'm willing to put up with almost anything to eventually have my life back.


Chronic Triathlete said...

That's great news. Congrats on wrapping up Mepron. Horrible drug.

Diflucan is tough at first, but it's ultimately very helpful.

Joe said...


Thanks for the comment.

Sorry to hear you don't like Mepron. Surprisingly, I kind of miss it. I didn't like it at first, but I got used to it after a few weeks.

One thing I noticed, over 6 weeks I used two bottles. When I opened the second bottle, I don't know if it was "fresher" (I did properly shake it), but I got the immediate head spin from it (within a few minutes), just like when I initially started the first bottle. That surprised me.

Overall I thought it was probably very helpful.