Sunday, October 5, 2008

No ground beef

Early this summer, my holistic doctor prescribed some supplements that contained dessicated bovine (cow) adrenal glands, and other gross parts. He explained that my symptoms of extreme fatigue, sensitivity to light, sound, the confusion of too much input, and my shock-like startle reflex, all pointed to the adrenal glands being shut down. He said that due to my illness, the myriad tiny stressors we all encounter daily cause a fight-or-flight response. Except that I can neither fight nor flee.

I had been on this for about 5 weeks, and had seen some lessening of the frequency and severity of my "episodes". I don't know if it was the supplements, or just the waxing and waning of the lyme cycle. Around this time, I had my initial visit with my LLMD, and he requested that I stop taking what he called "ground beef". (He's got a very dry sense of humor). His main concern was that these animal parts contain steroids. And steroids are strictly contraindicated for lyme patients.

I complied with my LLMD's recommendation, even though Dr. D (my holistic doctor) disagreed that these supplements were harmful. He graciously worked around it, trying other non-animal supplements.

So, again, I don't know if it's cause and effect, but I've noticed a gradual increase in episodes since I've been off the adrenals. I'm happy with the approach - instead of attempting to support my adrenal glands, which are being wiped out from the illness, we're attacking the lyme. Once the lyme is gone, or greatly reduced, the adrenals should function again. In the meantime the episodes may interfere with my attempt to return to work part-time in a couple of weeks. [fingers crossed]