Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mepron: week three

I woke up early to be on time for my appointment with Dr. Diamond. My son drove me, as my wife had a busy day at work. I really wish I could drive myself - it would be nice to not inconvenience my family in this way. But I get so fadey sometimes that it wouldn't be safe. I restrict myself to very short errands when I'm having a good day. (Fadey: very slow brain processing, and overly affected by light and sound, lack of muscle coordination)

This is Dr. Diamond's first day in his new office, which is a couple of miles down the road from the old place, and nicer. The windows open and there's fresh air circulating. Even though the road is busy, the treatment rooms face the side and rear, which is leafy green forest. Nice.

The doc does a nice thing in the waiting room. There are the usual "who cares" magazines, but he also has a table with a jigsaw puzzle. I actually like to make sure I'm early so I get a chance to work on the puzzle. Very clever. So, I brought him a new puzzle as an office-warming gift.

But I barely noticed all this in real time. I was so faded as to be semi-catatonic walking in. Dr. D was talking to someone else, and after a moment noticed I was having trouble and ushered me into the treatment room quickly. He said I was "white as a sheet". There was classical music playing throughout the office, including a speaker in the room I was in. He knows me pretty well, and proudly pointed out that he had specially installed separate switches for each speaker, and he turned it off. We joked that I'm kind of strange - that in my current lyme-state, if someone were to ask me "what kind of music do you like?", I'd answer "the turned off kind".

Dr. D got out his TBM manual to remember the specific ways to check certain major energy centers, of which he said there are five. Using muscle testing, he determined that four of my five centers were completely shut down. I recovered somewhat, slowly, as he worked on me. Dr. D's explanation for my symptoms is that the Mepron / zith cocktail is really kicking in now.

By the time my son drove me home I was fairly well recovered, though I still had no extra energy. But by late afternoon I was able to take my dog for a short walk. And then I crashed again when I got home. Oh well, such is life with lyme.

I felt fine in the morning. Then, as the afternoon progressed, I got extremely fatigued and sore - mostly large-muscle back pain. I didn't do anything to deserve this - I just sat around all day, using ice on my back, and did about 10 minutes of gentle yoga.

Ugh. Back to extreme fatigue. At one point during the day I found myself on the floor for some reason - I can't remember why, perhaps to pick something up, or to give the dog a scratch. But I didn't have the energy to get up, so I just lay there, planning to get up, for about 5 minutes. Everything's painfully slow. And lots of back pain, and some mental issues as well.

Before I got so tired, first thing in the morning I ran a couple of errands, including picking up my prescription refills of Mepron and Zithromax. I should have known that little activity would knock me out. But I like to try and do stuff, to get out just a little, regardless of the consequences. And it was such a lovely day, too.

Time for my every-few-week blood tests to confirm that the organs are tolerating the meds. But at the hospital they pointed out that I should be fasting. D'oh! I didn't notice the order for a lipid test. And I'd already eaten and taken the morning meds.

Well, this little wrinkle pretty much froze my brain. I could just feel my intelligence draining away as I stood there trying to figure out what to do, leaning hard on the hospital counter. The nurse came to my rescue and suggested I simply do the rest today and come back tomorrow for the lipid test. Ah yes, very simple. OK. But by now I'm pretty confused, and sitting in the waiting room is very difficult with the television on, and people sitting nearby wearing scented deodorant. I wanted to leave, but didn't know where else to go, and it had to be somewhere I could sit - and quickly. So I just stayed put.

I recovered enough (or was stubborn enough) to stop at the library, which is right on the way home (fortunately I live less than two miles from the hospital). I checked out Healing Lyme, and another lyme book. I'd heard about these, but never read them. Time to give them a look.

The rest of the day I did nothing but read, and I did recover enough to walk the dog. I was pretty lucid all afternoon and evening.

We had, among other things, baked potatoes for dinner. You see, early this summer I had some potatoes that grew eyes all over them, so I just sort of tossed them near the compost heap in the yard. They grew into large plants, but I didn't do a single thing to manage them. Just left 'em alone. I figured there must be potatoes out there by now, as the cold nights have killed the foliage. But I haven't had the energy to dig them up, until this afternoon.

It felt wonderful, having enough energy to play in the dirt for a few minutes, breathing in the cool autumn air, and the maple trees all turning pretty colors. Hmm, guess I better go check for ticks...

That concludes week three of the Mepron.