Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling better

I have been feeling better the last few days. Apparently three weeks of herxing on the Mepron/zith cocktail was enough. I continue with these meds for three more weeks, and I don't know what to expect, so I'm really appreciating these good days.

Saturday I was able to remove a small window A/C unit, mow the whole lawn, go shopping at Walmart, and take the dog for a longer-than-usual walk. And I didn't crash at the end of the day, either.

I'm amazed reading that last paragraph. For weeks now, I haven't been able to even consider doing one of those things.

Tonight I started the new bottle of Mepron (the old one had a few extra doses beyond the three weeks). I don't know if this is a more recent vintage (what a lovely YELLOW bouquet - yes, it even tastes yellow), but it seemed stronger. Within 5 minutes of taking it, my head was flying. I found myself fumbling silverware as I tried to eat dinner, and getting confused by the changing scenes on the television. And now my ears are ringing more loudly again.

Here's hoping I don't have to herx anymore on the Mepron, and that I get a few weeks of "good behavior" from my body.


Naomi Adams said...

Hi Joe: I'm glad to read you are doing better! What a difference just a few weeks has made for you-- it's a good sign you're on your way to recovery.

I'm switching my blog over to blogspot, I've had too many technical troubles on the other site.

I love the picture of yellow paint. It reminds me exactly of Mepron!

Joe said...

Well, feeling better was only temporary it seems. Typical up-and-down lyme life. I had only a few days with no symptoms ... oh well. I do think I'm on a good path, it just needs more time.

I saw your blogger blog. I wondered what you were doing! I'll change the link when it looks like you've got most of your pages ported (are you planning on doing that?)

Naomi Adams said...

Yes, I'm working on switching over my pages-- it's taking longer than I thought!

As for the ups and downs, keep focusing on what's good and make yourself as comfortable as you can when you're having bad days, and you'll get through it.