Friday, October 31, 2008

Bacteria are reading my blog

OK, who told my resident Lyme bacteria that I was off the meds for a few days? Seriously, a mere four days off zithromax and mepron, and I'm feeling pretty darn bad. Especially that least favorite symptom of mine, "jangled brain".

I posted the other day that I'd be taking a 10 day break from medication. I've read that the Lyme bacteria are very sophisticated, bordering on scary intelligent, the way they constantly mutate their DNA, etc. I'm beginning to think they can read, too.

I know they use my eyeballs as their front porch, setting up lawn chairs, littering the area with candy wrappers and beer cans. I'm sure if I can see my blog, they can too, right? And now that they know the coast is clear, they're out in force, having a block party in my brain.

These symptoms surprise and concern me a bit. I understand the herx die-off reaction, and expect it to be nasty. But to feel this bad off meds can only mean the Lyme is still flourishing. Earlier today it was as bad as it's ever been, like last year. I was trying to read a paragraph my wife composed to send to our lawyer regarding my disability appeal, and I literally read and re-read it over and over, never making it past the first sentence. By the time I got to the end of the simple 10 word sentence, I couldn't remember the context.

Even though it's a beautiful autumn day here in Connecticut, I've retreated to the bedroom, where I can control and limit the inputs to my senses. This post has been a real work out for my poor brain (it's taken several tries), and the attempt at humor may fall flat, but writing it has lifted my spirits.

In my spare time I may devise a code to thwart the bacteria intelligentsia. Apparently "treatment holiday" wasn't subtle enough.

speaking loudly

(sssshh.... kidding)


Naomi Adams said...

Hey Joe--

Hanging in there? I can relate to this! Seems the little buggers keep me from sleeping if I miss one injection or one dose of antibiotics.

At least you know the meds are working if you can feel spirochetes partying once you're on a break.


Joe said...

Hi Naomi,

Yeah, I'm still here...

Heh, people look at me strangely when I explain that herxing on the meds is *good*, and that feeling bad off the meds is *also* good.

Then they ask "well, is it working?" And of course it's always "too soon" to tell...

I know breaks are necessary, but I like getting back on the antibiotics because it seems like progress, like I could get somewhere this way. I just need patience - looks like a long way to go yet.