Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend update

I saw Dr. Diamond Friday afternoon. As usual, muscle testing showed great weakness when testing both the Mepron and Zithromax together. He uses acupressure, while directing me how to breathe, to adjust for this weakness, and for many other things in my body that the lyme has screwed up. I'm always amazed that this treatment does so much.

I complained to Dr. D of vision problems. The lyme has worsened my vision - everything's a bit blurry, and I now need reading glasses all the time. But these past couple of weeks (can you say Mepron?), it's gotten a lot worse. Now even the reading glasses don't help, and it's tiring to look at anything near or far. He explained, as I suspected, that it's not my eyes. It's neurological - my brain isn't processing the data correctly, or it's not telling my eyes how to focus, not sure which.

I also complained of insomnia and "jangled mind". This is different from the catatonic fadeyness that I get. This is more like constant anxiety, being unable to calmly inhabit my own body. I got this with the tetracycline, and now I'm getting it with the Mepron. It's the worst.

As usual, on the hour-long ride home from Dr. D, I got tired and started to feel "bad". Very lymey. I don't know if this is a herx reaction, or if it's that my body has to use energy to internally process the work that's been done. But it happens every time. I feel bad shortly after leaving his office, and it usually lasts a day or two.

Why go, you ask? Well, I think I'd feel even worse if he wasn't helping my body to be able to handle the side-effects of the medications, as well as partially mitigate my lyme induced ultra sensitivity to chemicals - perfumes, fuel, etc. He also adjusts to help my body dump the toxins from the lyme, and boosts my immune system.

So, Friday night, and Saturday were pretty old-school awful. Back to the old lyme days of less-than-zero energy. Even thinking about things is exhausting. Literally. Also heavy ear-ringing, some body aches, and some fadeyness, where I can hardly speak or move, and light and sound are painful - causing my body shock-like jerks. Fortunately I wasn't too irritable, and the jangled mind abated (thanks Dr. D!).

Late Saturday I took a shower and scrubbed with a stiff brush to get my blood flowing, hoping to dump some toxins. And I was careful to drink a LOT of water throughout the day. The shower completely wore me out - luckily there's a seat in the shower.

After I recovered a bit, I did three very gentle restorative yoga poses. I don't know their names.
  • Lay on back with butt against a wall, and legs up the wall.
  • Sit with hips spread and soles of feet flat together. Then lay back on a bolster or blanket, which is positioned along the spine, and let hips and chest spread.
  • Sitting, bend forward stretching towards feet. I read about putting a rolled up blanket in the crease of my hips to make it easier on the body, but it didn't feel comfortable (perhaps I'm a bit too chubby?)
I can't say these gave me more energy, but they did feel good. I only hoped I had been gentle enough, and that I didn't pay for it the next day.

So, Sunday I awoke with lower back pain. Ugh. I really was gentle, too! But other than that, it was a much better day. I had more energy, my vision was improved, and my mind was clear. Before we get too excited, realize that I didn't do anything that required energy. I mostly sat on the couch, or sat at a table doing a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle did wear me out after dinner - it wears me out just to sit upright at times. And now all I have is ringing ears, and some light/sound sensitivity.

I have another appointment with Dr. D tomorrow morning. Twice a week seems a bit overkill to me at times. But I"m trying to stay well-adjusted during the Mepron, and additionally I have the stress of my employment situation, and he helps with this.

My employer has been holding my job while I've been disabled - for over a year now. They've been very patient, but can't wait any longer. So, I've discussed this with them, and even though I think it's too soon, I'm going to try returning to work part-time in mid-October. In two weeks. Thinking about yesterday's symptoms - it scares me to think about it. My job is in NYC, which is a 2-1/2 hour commute each way. And my workspace is an open cubicle in a very busy work area, very noisy and well-lit. Not optimum conditions, and that's even before I try to actually do any work. But it seemed better to try this, and maybe limp it along, improving as time goes by. The other option was to lose my job immediately. I figure this may come to pass anyway, but better to have tried? I keep telling myself. On the plus side, it'll be so nice to have an income again.